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Steven Amundson

Mediator | Lawyer | California Resident

Steven's even-handed and practical approach has earned him a reputation amongst his peers as a reasonable, fair and results-oriented litigator who routinely settled cases directly with counsel.  This approach allows Steven to be a highly effective results-oriented mediator.


Amundson Mediation

Steven Amundson has been admitted to practice law in both California and Washington and has over twenty years of practical legal experience in employment law, including being an equity partner and leader of the Employment Law practice at a national law firm based in Los Angeles.  


Steven's practice had a particular emphasis on representing nonprofits in all areas of employment law.  He has also represented companies across a broad range of industries including retail stores, school districts, security companies, health and fitness clubs, restaurants, medical facilities, aerospace companies, government entities, and manufacturers. He has litigated more than a thousand matters involving the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), Wrongful Termination, Whistleblower Retaliation, Labor Code Violations, Wage and Hour Class Actions and the Labor Code Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA). 


In addition to defending employment matters, Steven's pro bono work also resulted in effectively mediating and resolving many grievances for employees and assisting multiple plaintiffs in pre-litigation matters resulting in early settlement. 

Prior experience as a litigator, seeing cases through trial and arbitration, provides Steven with an unparalleled grasp and insight as to how an employment case may appear to a judge, jury, or arbitrator – and what it will take to reach resolution. Steven's defense of nonprofits and pro bono work for employees furthers his overall effectiveness as a mediator, including his ability to address the underlying interests of each of the parties and relieve them of the emotional and financial burdens of litigation. Steven has a balanced perspective and understands what drives highly emotional disputes and why they can be so challenging to resolve without the assistance of a dedicated mediator. Steven is uniquely situated to understand and analyze the legal issues, nuances, competing emotions and dynamics that permeate employment disputes – and strives to reach resolution before prolonged, uncertain, and costly litigation.

If a deal truly cannot be reached during mediation, as happens sometimes, Steven will continue to work tirelessly to achieve meaningful progress so that the parties can overcome obstacles to resolution and reach settlement. Steven's involvement only ends if settlement is reached as he believes all cases can be settled. 

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